Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alan and Laurie - By Kyle & Katie

It is always hard planning a wedding in April, in Michigan, but we couldn't have asked for better day. The sun shone all day and made it nice and warm outside.
Sometimes, when kids won't smile for the camera, we tell them not to smile and then they do. It's reverse psychology and works like a charm. So when I asked Alan not to smile, I thought that he thought I was tricking him, because he kept smiling. He couldn't not smile. How fantastic. What a great problem to have. That's when you know that a wedding is going well, and it certainly did. Alan and Laurie, you are two amazing people and were honored to share your special day with you. May your marriage be blessed for years to come. See thier show here

(above) This is my personal favorite image of the day.

(above) This is where Alan gets his big smile from!