Thursday, June 28, 2007


So it has been a while since I have posted anything other than beautiful weddings and engagements. We had something like six weddings in June on top of our busy portrait schedule. This has obviously kept us very busy but it has been worth it.

As most of you know Hayden is now on summer break and Ethan is done with pre-school. The kids have gotten used to Hayden being here all day now and they play all day and Hayden is enjoying his summer break very much. Hayden is growing up a lot and helps around the house quite a bit. We have agreed to pay him $4.00 per hour for some things as he learns that prosperity comes with work and not laziness. All of the kids are growing a lot and it is freaking me out. All of a sudden Ellery looks more like a little girl than a baby. When did that happen and who gave her permission?!??!

Jaime, A very close friend of ours is getting married in August and Jodi and Robyn (Jaime's sister) are throwing her a shower this Saturday at the house. We are so excited for Jaime and Josh and just feel blessed and excited to be part of everything. Jodi has been putting in 150 percent just getting ready for the big party. It is going to be a crazy, frilly, day at the Johnson household. Me and the kids are getting out of dodge. After the party I get to do a bridal portrait shoot with Jaime and her wedding dress. That is going to be awesome!!

Next week we are going to be in the Grandville fourth of July parade. This will be a new and fun thing for the studio. I ordered 4,000 tootsie rolls today and we are giving out gift cards and some other goodies. We are praying it will help boost more portrait sessions for the summer and it will just be fun. Jodi's mom, Phil, and sister are going to walk with us in the parade so it will be fun.

Our first employee, Kyle, has been doing and excellent job and is a blessing to have around. He has a strong work ethic and a great eye. He has been helping keep my head above water. He has also been shooting weddings with us and has been doing a great job. Just in the last two days we have booked a few weddings for Kyle to shoot on his own. We are confident in his skills and his bright future in photography.

We have an upcoming trip to Hawaii for Jodi's brother's wedding. It is going to be great to be there with them, enjoy their wedding, hawaii, and a nice break together with just Jodi and I. We are very excited for Scott and Cari and their wedding. Between now and then we have a full portrait schedule. I will keep you posted on other developments in the Johnson Household. We continue to trust God with everything we have and trust in his provision for us. Blessings to all of you.