Thursday, February 1, 2007

Pure Joy

I came accross this image today while processing proofs and just had to post it! Megan came into our studio Monday for her senior portraits and she was awesome! We did some pictures of her with her guitar and a few other great ones like this one. For her final outfit she sported a white button down shirt and a hip blue tie. I asked her about the tie and she told me the story. At her grandmother's funeral it was the tie her grandpa was wearing. She complimented him on his cool tie and he took it off on the spot and gave it to her. She has had it ever since and wanted some pictures with it. They turned out great and I'm sure grandpa will be proud.

Really, that tie thing is what we are all about. There was significance to the tie and we grabbed it in images....not to mention Megan's pure joy! We love cool stories like Megan's and we love even more having the chance to take pictures of it.